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Signs and Between-the-Lines

'Signs' cover all kinds of clandestine, ambiguous or deniable semi-communications using everything from suggestive language (like homonyms, metaphors, euphemisms, etc.) to body language to object placements to visual imagery that leave the signer insulated from responsibility for the signing. A sign can be anything from flipping one's cell phone open suggestively to leaving a dead bird at a person's doorstep - ways of accusing, conveying threat, pressuring, enhancing paranoia and obliquely referring to possibly illegally obtained surveillance information about a person (and thereby show that person that he/she is a slave to surveillance and may always be), which tend to make the person look paranoid or delusional in reacting to or interpreting them or which others can pretend are products of paranoia or delusional. They may take the form of so-called ‘mirrors’ within all kinds of broadcast media – the reflecting of embarrassing information in deniable ways that may be exaggerated or mixed with provocative fiction so as to lead a subset of public opinion, accelerated by that person’s taking ownership of or attempting to refute them. Responding to them usually only appears to be self-accusation or spontaneous eruptions from a guilty conscience. One single sign deriving from the surveillance of a person in a place having a reasonable expectation of privacy can permanently transform a life into a kind of prison of the mind in terms of the assumption of being watched. George Orwell apparently had a name for them in his book 1984 - Duckspeak.

"It is one of those interesting words that have two contradictory meanings. Applied to an opponent, it is abuse; applied to someone you agree with, it is praise."

Everyone knows how to do it to some degree (though the culture surrounding so-called mind control has raised it to an art form) and the media has long been involved in filling their works with it in support of MC, often embedding little details about specific targeted individuals (triggers) that only they will tend to recognize. Some people are expert at it and can rattle off spoken signs in realtime. If you’ve been lead/trained to expect them, you’re more likely to interpret words as having suggestive meaning beyond their obvious connotations even when none are intended. The delivery is often so clever that you can’t be sure that you’ve been signed at all. A relative few people playing that game can make you suspicious of everyone – it is after all part of the paranoia game of so-called ‘mind control’.

Signs can take a variety of forms. Consider a harasser who is provided with surveillance information on a target. The target is in the process of being sleep deprived as part of his/her persecution. One clever sign that the attacker might deliver in support of that strategy could be an exaggerated yawn, while passing by that can't be proven as any kind of covert messaging at all.

Here’s a clever but fairly obvious one using the old monkey sign, long associated with targeted persons with its subhuman connotations. Of course, the bar code implies a monkey in a cage.
. . . . .


The redefining of a target's perceptions so as to read material in TV, books and other language and imagery beyond what appears at face value or otherwise self-identify with them. It is much easier to deliver clandestine messagery and information to an entrained person than a non-entrained one. Many artists have been tossing in suggestive idioms, metaphors, double-entendre, etc. associated with aspects of MC for years to enhance that process (often overtly harmless and innocent but with provocative implications) and entrainment can mean simply waking the target up to that body of material via other forms of clandestine suggestion (see below) and training. Over time, a good portion of the dictionary can be redefined in a target's mind as being metaphorical/symbolic such that everything around him/her appears to be a kind of grotesque parody of what it once was. You can entrain targets to self-identify with specific personalities (as Charles McCoy described in being entrained to identify with Michael Jackson) and around numerous established metaphors/symbols:

from the common Mountain, (elaborate) French (occupation) - to borrow from its use in the films ‘Big Fish’ and ‘War of the Worlds’, red/green/blue (A Scanner Darkly's blue flower), fat/obese, credit, stock value, etc.

to snow, candy, farmer, butterfly, Chinese, stone, elevation/elevator, high, floating, stratospheric, artificial, etc.

to target, cat, bear, alien, (Manchurian) candidate, Christ/Chris/Messiah/Jesus (often employed in the context as 'Sun' or ‘son’), monkey, wolf, crab and lobster (shell symbols), pirate, monster, astronaut, dinosaur, king, emperor, president, soldier, mummy, zombie, puppet, etc.

to hot dog, fish (such as Lost's fish biscuits), bird (often referred to as specific species like hawk, eagle, chicken, etc.), bone, steel, toys, lizard, wrestling, head, pie, slide, hamburger, clam, pipe, sailing, cigar/smoking, pole, taco, wood, lunar, moon, seat, back, behind, Greek, fruit, ice cream, hole, roses, butterfly, sandwich, horns/anters, kneeling/on the knees (often embedded in the context of prayer or supplication) - a fellatio trigger, etc. many of which are quite common and too numerous to mention

to cold, ice, popsickle, haunted, heat/hot, soak, dunk, submerge, retirement, fishbowl/aquarium, rain, weather, buried, pressure, famous (a misnomer), static, (winning the) lottery (seen in conjunction with the Charles McCoy mirror on the island called Lost and deriving from Orwell’s inclusion of the lottery in ‘1984’ or older still), dead/deceased

to an endless number of spontaneous ones (like A Scanner Darkly's shape shifter suits) that are unique. There are, of course, more provocative symbols out there, though it is left for you to find them.
. . . . .

Number symbolism is common, much as you will find on license plates mixed with letters – ways of conveying messages in a minimal space in a deniable way. In fact, suggestive license plates are apparently being used sometimes as part of chasing targeted people around on the road.

1 – ‘one’ or ‘won’
2 – ‘to’, ‘two’ or ‘too’
3 – ‘good’ or ‘right’ (reminiscent of the holy trinity)
4 – ‘for’
5 – (not sure – ‘lie’?)
6 – ‘bad’ or ‘evil’
7 – ‘good’
8 – ‘ate’ (i.e. consumed, took, partook of)
9 – A negative deriving from the German word for ‘no’

You’ll see frequent use of 3, 33, 333, 37, 73 in films like ‘Close Encounters’ and ’12 Monkeys’. You’ll find 39, 93, ‘7 flights up’ and lots of other variations upon 3 on the first couple of pages of Orwell’s novel 1984, which help to imply that the Winston character is ‘no good’ and that big brother is good (yep, Orwell was just another media MC artist and not the libertarian champion that he is widely believed to be). Those are often strung together into short sentences like 286 from the film ‘Cast Away’ indicating 'to sink someone', ‘two were sunk’ or ‘two consumed/partook of evil’ set alongside a prominent nearby 77.

Chessboard/gaming symbolism is also fairly common as are the connotations of the individual pieces on the board, often woven into chessboard scenarios that model real world aspects of ‘the game’. ‘Rook’ can have bird connotations, ‘queen’ often has homosexual connotations, ‘bishop’ often implies the overseer, slave-master, preaching or pursuit aspects of MC and so forth.

Click/Stimulus Messaging

Click/stimulus messaging is a means of clandestine semi-communications whereby one or more of several kinds of transient stimuli are used to clandestinely hijack linguistic material (spoken, heard, read or even thought) or other symbolic fodder within a target’s sensory environment or stream of thought so as to deliver a clandestine message that guarantees anonymity for the giver.
. . . . .

Although the presence of audible linguistic media in a target's sensory environment provides plenty of rich fodder for stimulus messaging, an attack that involves no such material at all is possible too. For example, ‘clicking’ when a target's surveillable field of view lands upon objects that can be interpreted as somehow symbolic or self-specific or when a target is simply reading. Because the technology for surveilling thought itself is in the arsenal, clicking upon moments from the target’s internal dialog is another method. Although there is less linguistic/symbolic fodder available when no external material is nearby (unless one’s internal dialog tends to chatter), that configuration is in some ways more disturbing. Even if the target attempts to drown out audible language or isolate him/herself in a featureless room devoid of any linguistic/symbolic fodder at all, there is still no way to avoid an attack that employs 'bee stings' (see below) in conjunction with a surveillance of the internal dialog, except perhaps via the meditative technique of silencing the internal dialog altogether. But that would be a pretty boring and unhealthy way to live, so it's usually best to learn to cope with an attack than try to avoid it. But doing so might afford a little temporary relief. Even then, electromagnetic voice-to-skull can still be used to get the message across. One way or another, they can make it unavoidable.

Imagine the joy of hearing a soft thump from source unknown at the moment that, for example, the black cloaked wraiths lift their swords while preparing to put to death the hobbits in the film, “The Lord of the Rings”. Effectively, it would be a death threat that carries not just the force of words and the ignorance of not knowing who is conveying it, but the force of all the magic (in this case black magic) that the small army involved in the making of a film can bring to bear - music, cinematography and all.
. . . . .

Cough Messaging and Body Language

Say that you and I are co-workers and you want to provide a pretext for expulsion. Since laws and workplace rules generally forbid harassment and creating a hostile environment for co-workers, you have to be clever in your attack. So how do you go about accomplishing your goal?

You begin your offensive by passing by my office door and coughing as you pass. I will think nothing of it. Do it again and I'll think that maybe you have a cold this week or that pure chance has dealt one of those somewhat unlikely but entirely random occurrences. Do it a third and fourth time and you'll have captured my attention. I'll realize that something is up between us. Do it a fifth and sixth time and I'll start to get angry. If I confront you over the matter, you can just smile with a touch of practiced surprise on your face as you say, 'Goodness, are you feeling OK? You seem a little disturbed. Maybe you should rest or see a doctor', which will only make me angrier, since the possibility in random occurrence has long passed and because I'll know that you have the initiative and are working me in a way that can't be easily stopped or proven.
. . . . .

However, after having gained my attention, if you change tactics, then I will have the added burden of showing how sucking air through your teeth or clicking pen to key is a part of your effort. Alternatively, you can begin to 'trigger' me at other locations to make the collection of video evidence far more difficult. Perhaps you will choose to start coughing (or whatever) as I pass by YOUR office door or while passing me in the hall.

Intended (rather than spontaneous) coughing and laughter in coincidence with chosen moments in public venues in which crowds gather (movies, concerts, etc.) is common. It can be used to enhance the paranoia and discomfort of specific targets at moments chosen to be specific to targets by harassers who have embarrassing information on their targets.
. . . . .

'Bee Stings'

Bee stings are a technology for inducing the sensation of pin-prick, crawling insect and other sensations felt upon the skin. They can be inflicted in such a way as to cause pain as punishment/deterrent, to induce an irritating itching sensation or to induce mild, non-painful sensations as a method of extraordinarily clandestine signaling/messaging. When employed as a semi-communications vehicle, a number of schemes can be applied. It can be used as one more form of simple click/stimulus messaging. It can be more sophisticated such as stinging the right knee to convey 'yes' and the left knee to convey 'no'.
. . . . .

Frustration, confusion and the hopelessness in being kept perpetually ignorant are obviously one of the main sources of pain for all targeted individual’s, part of the price of our persecutors’ cover. But such needless cruelty seems to me one of those things about MC most in need of reform, though I doubt that will ever happen, pain being probably the single common denominator of MC in the first place, and confusion and ignorance are helpful tools that help to inhibit organization and resistance and preserve our persecutors’ deniability, which has lasted for over half a century.

(YHST = You, he, she or they. Notice the use of body parts that have a near phonetic match to the words that they wish those body parts to symbolize. That is apparently a natural choice, making the training of the dictionary easier to train in and remember (unfortunately). A given symbol is trained in like this – the phrase ‘take it on the chin’ pops up on the radio or TV. They transmit a sting to the chin at that moment. Repeat a time or two for confirmation and voila, it’s trained in. Only if I were asleep could I avoid that involuntary and unwanted training. Thereafter, they can use that symbol in response to my unspoken thoughts or other contexts much like in any language.
Chin - 'Take it on the chin' or 'Expect a punitive response' or 'punch in the mouth'
Top of the foot - 'Fool'
The underside of the arch of the foot (i.e. arch) - 'YHST is/are'
Middle finger - 'F___ you'
Middle right toe - 'F___ you too'
Knuckle - 'Punch you' (figurative) plus whatever connotation the chosen finger implies
Big toe - 'YHST too/also'
Back of the foot [heel] - 'YHST is/are a heel.'
Shin – ‘Sin’
Calf - 'YHST can or we can'
Right knee - 'Yes'
Thigh - 'Lie'
Elbow – A__hole or 'You're an ___hole'
Ankle – ‘Angry’
Bottom of the foot just behind the toes - 'Soul'
Right index finger - 'Shoot you down' (figurative)
Pinky - 'Penis'
Ring finger - 'That person, place or thing is or has been in one way/sense or another wedded/coupled to or associated with you or is a criminal or evil or you are associated with that or we have associated you with that (in some way that you may eventually discover)'
Thumb - 'Dumb'
Lip - 'Kiss' or ‘whisper’ usually implying that something is being said about me
Wrist - 'Masturbation' or 'YHST is/are a jerk'
Top of the Shoulder - 'YHST should'
Chest - 'That is or would be best'
Buttock - Ass or 'You're an ass'
Base of spine - 'YHST is/are a spy (i.e. anyone who disagrees with or is resisting us or is our enemy or is a criminal)'
Ear lobe - 'Listen' or 'Pay attention' or YHST is/are low (i.e. bad/small)
Forearm - 'Shoot you down' or 'punish' (figurative)
. . . . .


There are quite a variety of different tools in the current arsenal from the various ways of interfering with the operation of electronic equipment to public mobbing tactics to neurological manipulation. A deliberate effort has apparently been made to make each target's experience unique both to explore and evaluate the most effective methods, to better exploit the individual weaknesses of specific individuals, and to make the determination of consistencies between their experiences that might ultimately amount to a preponderance of circumstantial evidence of the reality of MC more difficult (i.e. a target being hit with migraine like pain does not appear to have anything in common with one that is being bombarded with computer virus attacks or one that is being harassed in public places or one that is being hit primarily with 'bee stings' or one that is being mirrored in the media or one that reports hearing ghostly noises in the attic).
. . . . .

A target can be placed in other more deadly scenarios too. Like being 'gifted' with an artificially induced sexual response (erection) at an inappropriate moment via technology of remote neurological influence by one party who is hidden from another who surveills only the sexual response, thus misleading the second as to the target's nature and predispositions. Or alternatively, the anonymous giver of the artificial ‘gift’ treating the target as though the reaction were spontaneous and non-induced as part of hard-ball mind gaming including attempting to convince the target of predispositions that he/she does not have, which is diabolical. When your central nervous system can be manipulated directly and surreptitiously, it is not necessarily even possible to tell if a behavior or physiological reaction were spontaneous or externally induced or steered (short of simply knowing yourself well), although I don’t believe that it is possible to fully roboticize people over any but brief periods of time. Hope not.

Although I have no shred of doubt that one or both of those means have been applied against me personally, I do NOT accuse my persecutors of having robotically controlled any of my conscious actions, or voluntary or involuntary behaviors beyond trivial, momentary ways useful for mind gaming, pressuring and paranoia enhancement, and I assume that using such means to obtain outright false and fabricated evidence of guilt or predispositions is not part of their code of conduct (if they have one). I hope it isn’t that diabolical anyway. Trickery, pressure, interrogation, depression enhancement, leveraging ignorance and paranoia and destabilization tactics appear to be more in line with that code. However, some targeted persons are complaining of precisely such clearly diabolical tactics, but I have no way of measuring their honesty or sanity. In any case, I assume sole responsibility for ALL of my conscious behaviors, predispositions and beliefs, though I know those have been influenced by all the years of pressure, cruelty, gaming, prattle, endless suggestion and being beset by an antagonistic and hostile surveillance presence for so long. I’m trying to be as objective and unemotional in describing this as possible.

- In another scenario, extraordinarily ugly and/or terrifying dream imagery can be induced artificially as a means of punishment, psychological destabilization or aversive reinforcement. Reward, positive reinforcement and the creation of (perhaps false and insincere) bonds and beliefs, can be induced with beautiful/attractive dream imagery too. The two extremes may be applied in combination in carrot and stick scenarios.

- In another, one or more provocateurs can attempt to drive you to angry, frustrated outbursts, whose efforts are hidden from other observers who are attempting to judge your psychological stability, innocence and such.

. . . . . . . . . .

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